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Seeing from Afar

sam8Once I went to the bookstore. I wanted to buy a certain book I needed for my class. I sieved closely through the book section. I got close enough to see and touch every book, one after the other but I still couldn’t find the book I was looking for. I knew I was at the right section. Then I moved a few steps back to have a better view and tried backing up a bit so that I could see whole collection of books. Finally I was able to find that illusive book. It was located at the upper right corner of the book shelf which I failed to see when I was looking at the books at a closer range. At that moment, I realized sometimes it is not easy to see things right away especially when things are too close. Thus maybe backing up a bit to have a better view of the bigger picture will help in going through situations that seem to be unclear. (To be continued more coming in My Experience with Cancer – it is better when God is in the Picture by Jm Gabe)